About Us

Real travelers and real experiences that fuel your wanderlust

Passionate and seasoned travelers with 15+ years of travel experience and 62 countries across 6 continents stamped on their passport. An insatiable thirst for adventure, discovery of the unknown and passion for local culture drives us to seek out off the beaten path destinations and unearth a cache of hidden gems yet to be discovered. Have done solo travel, family holidays, backpacking, cruises, and road tripping 124000+ miles (200,000+ kilometers), with miles to go… 

Having traveled extensively, we understand the practical difficulties and dilemmas travelers face in general and this prompted us to build Turuhi. This is a platform where we will share our experiences that will help other travelers plan their journeys with more knowledge and understanding. The finer details and less known facts is what really makes a travel memorable and experiential, and that is our focus.     

Our personal travel stories aspire to bring destinations to life with unique experiences of people and nature. Our cocktail of experiences will paint a broad spectrum from sun, sea and sand to ancient ruins, art & culture to mountain walks, forest trails to sightseeing and experiencing the pulse of the city. We hope, through our stories, to encourage and indulge your curiosity about the world.

Our Team

Rahuldev Rajguru

Co-founder & CEO

Rahul has over 24 years of experience with majority being with startups. He is a passionate travel buff. As an entrepreneur, with clientele spread across the globe, his wanderlust was fuelled. His travels have taken him across the length and breadth of our beautiful world creating amazing, lasting memories and experiences. He has lived and travelled to numerous countries for both business and pleasure, spending substantial time in third-world countries. He has first-hand experience of the diverse culture and people across 6 continents. During his travels, he has gained knowledge and discovered a treasure of hidden gems. His travels also brought the realization that fellow travelers would benefit from his experiences and knowledge. Rahul and his co-founder, Devang go back 20+ years! They have worked and travelled extensively, together. Their travel experiences, both individually and together is invaluable for travelers. Sharing this treasure is the motive behind starting Turuhi.

An Engineering graduate and an MBA, Rahul is technically very sound and has been working on mobile technology since 2001 during the early days of PDA and handheld computers. He has worked with one of the top five IT companies of India, HCL Technologies, as Project Manager while managing a large team of mobile application experts. His past experience includes building and selling products around enterprise mobility and consumer applications to customers globally. Many successful software products have taken shape under his leadership.