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I'm Rahul, a traveler, writer, and photographer hailing from the vibrant city of Bangalore.

In the past 15 years, I embarked on a journey of a different kind, one which included coding, innovation, and entrepreneurship. I had the privilege of building two tech startups. However, there was a passion that had been simmering within me for over two decades, patiently waiting for its turn to shine - Travel and Writing.

This yearning for exploration and storytelling led me to a crossroads, where I decided to pursue my lifelong dream. Thus, Turuhi was born, my third venture, and it's where I bring you REAL, AUTHENTIC, and UNBIASED travel experiences from around the world.

You might wonder why I emphasize "real, authentic, and unbiased."

In this age of digital overload, the internet is inundated with information that rarely portrays a realistic picture of a destination. You've probably seen those excessively edited photos or travel articles written by non-travelers that fail to enrich your travel experience.

I aim to change that perspective.

Having personally traveled to 62 countries and meticulously planned each journey, I understand the trials and tribulations of travelers. With Turuhi, I aspire to address the needs of explorers like you, offering guidance, insight, and the opportunity to savor the very essence of travel at its best.

What makes people want to travel with me?

I'm not one to boast, but when individuals read my travel blogs, they often express feelings as if I have personally transported them to those destinations. They sense a distinctive perspective on travel that sparks their imaginations and inspires them to go on similar journeys. They often ask if they can join me on my journeys.

Travel is a highly personalized experience, and unless you're accompanied by like-minded individuals, the true essence of the journey can be elusive. So, I contemplated inviting like-minded individuals and families to accompany me on select trips, thus creating the concept of "Travel with me." The idea stems from a genuine desire to connect with fellow wanderers who share a common passion for exploration.

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How does traveling with me benefit you?

Master the art of travel photography

As a travel writer, I know how to tell stories with photographs. I have been practicing photography for over a decade. Here I am to share my knowledge, so you won't have to wait so long. I'll share my secrets to capture the essence of destinations, master composition, play with lighting, and optimize camera settings. Remember, you don't need an expensive camera. Some of my best shots were taken with low-budget Android phones. If I can do it, so can you.

Traveling on budget

Travel has taught me that incredible experiences don't always require a lavish budget. Having mastered numerous travel hacks, I can savor the finest local cuisine, stay in comfortable accommodations, and find optimum transportation options, all while keeping my budget low.

Navigating unfamiliar terrain

I often tread the less-traveled paths and uncover hidden gems far from the usual tourist routes. Having two decades of experience, I try my best so that you have a memorable and authentic travel experience.

The joy of slow travel

Slow travel is the art of savoring each moment of the journey, prioritizing depth over distance and quality over quantity. It allows me to deeply connect with local cultures, form meaningful connections with residents and appreciate the subtle nuances of the place.

How do I travel?

My approach to travel revolves around small, intimate groups of 2-4 like-minded individuals who share a passion for genuine exploration. I blend meticulous planning with the allure of spontaneity, leaving room for surprises along the way. Embracing the title of an experiential traveler, I prefer rustic natural settings over luxury accommodations, sometimes embracing basic amenities without complaint.

As an early riser, my journeys kick off at the crack of dawn, allowing us to witness the world awakening to its full glory. Given my background in photography, you can expect me to spend a bit more time capturing the beauty and moments that define our travels. My friendliness and flexibility encourages camaraderie within our group, and I expect the same from my fellow travelers.

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