Incredible Hampta Pass Crossover Trek

One of the best treks in the Himalayas, the Hampta Pass Trek is a complete experience. Crossing over from the lush green Kullu Valley to the stark barren terrain of Spiti Valley, diverse landscapes and incredible vistas make for a trek of a lifetime.


Mesmerizing Western Ghats from Vistadome Coach

Ready to experience the Western Ghats up close? Welcome aboard the incredible Vistadome coaches on the Bangalore-Mangalore route. This dream journey brings the Western Ghats into your bogie, literally! A MUST experience.


Ahobilam: A Fusion of Adventure and Spirituality

Ahobilam is a divine place amidst the Eastern Ghats. There are many temples to explore, some inside caves nestled in the Nallamala Hills. The routes make for an offbeat trekking adventure. An attractive destination for pilgrims and adventure enthusiasts.


Now, we fly to ASMARA…

An offbeat destination with a unique mix of natural beauty and rich culture. Enjoy varied landscape from the Abyssinian highland to desertified beaches of the Red Sea. The Italian & Egyptian architecture of ‘the land of three seasons’ will surely wow you.


The Smiling Coast of Africa

Seeking an adventure, beach holiday, or cultural experience? It is an all-in-one trip to Gambia. Nature lovers can enjoy the natural reserves teeming with wildlife. It is a safe destination with sun and surf, nightlife, casinos and entertainment galore.


The Secrets of Budget Travel to Kabini

Nagarhole National Park is the perfect weekend getaway in the lap of nature. Serene forests decorated with flora & fauna, this unspoiled wilderness is a wildlifer’s paradise. In Kabini, seeing the majestic tiger is almost guaranteed.


Hidden Gems of Coastal Tamil Nadu

A haven for pilgrims, Coastal TN is sprinkled with numerous temples. Experience the stunning Pamban Bridge and quaint town of Manapad. Travel to Cape Comrin - the South Indian tip, enjoy the breathtaking sunrise/sunset, and take a dip in the confluence.


The Resilient City of West Africa

Dakar is a city of contrasts. The maze of French colonies, markets, street hustlers with stunning artwork, glorious beaches and Senegalese pop make you fall in love with the vibe of this city. ‘The Door of No Return’ experience in Gorée Island is moving.


The Land of Thunder Dragon

A mystical Himalayan kingdom where each experience is like a breath of fresh air. The dancing flags of monasteries against pristine landscapes make it a serene haven. Savor nature’s grandeur & enchanting culture of the happiest place on earth!

United States

The Vibrant Last Frontier

Alaska is about striking glaciers, intriguing fjords, vast National parks, soaring mountains, gigantic grizzlies and more! Indulge in a unique experience of living in a ‘dry cabin’ with no running water. Enjoy an elating road trip across this epic nation.


An Impromptu Day Trip from Bangalore to Mandaragiri

A stone’s throw away from Bangalore is a hidden gem with unimaginable beauty. The Mandaragiri Hills in South Karnataka has the most stunning views and tranquil ambience. A day trip to this Jain heritage center is the perfect getaway to refresh and unwind.

United States

Hidden Gems of Alaska

Alaska is a land bestowed with amazing natural wonders. Be it the sublime Matanuska Glacier or the gorgeous Thompson Pass, this astounding land enthralls its visitors. Indulge in a journey of a lifetime as you experience this “Great Land” of the Arctic.