Are you an avid traveler or a travel company interested in collaborating with industry experts and creating engaging travel content?

Turuhi is the perfect place for you! We are experts at creating meaningful experiences that will bring travel stories to life. We understand that making a true partnership between producer and creator is essential for capturing the spirit of a journey. Our promise is to provide readers with amazing visuals, attention-grabbing content and expert insights.

Let’s explore the world together!

Who we are…

We are a community of passionate and experienced travelers and travel bloggers dedicated to elevating the travel experiences of others. We want to ensure that their travels are safe, enjoyable, and meaningful. We strive to provide unique tips and advice through our travel blogs and travel stories, allowing travelers to make the most of every trip they take. We help people unlock profound travel experiences by providing tools, resources, and guidance that levitate their travels. We inspire creativity and collaboration through a shared appreciation of culture, the environment, hospitality, cuisine, history, heritage, and much more through our unique perspective.

Why work with us?

We understand what it takes to create excellent travel content and engage the right audience. Our mission is to take our readers on an exciting journey around the world of travel, through authentic, unbiased and real travel content that encapsulates the beauty, uniqueness, and culture of each destination. We help you reach travelers of all ages, giving your business more opportunities for growth. Readers trust our opinions and know they can rely on us to provide them with reliable information. Through engaging content that is backed by extensive research and creativity, we deliver an impactful message. We are committed to providing our readers with genuine accounts of our travels, as that is what they deserve and expect. Each of our travel blogs reflects our passion for exploration. So if you’re looking for authentic, well-researched and engaging travel content, you’ve come to the right place!

Things we can offer

Destination promotion – We welcome collaboration with different tourism boards, travel service providers, DMOs and brands. We are also available for press trips.

Travel Writing or Travel SEO – This includes travel guidebooks, coffee table books, websites and blogs, as well as other print and online materials. We can help you market your travel services and products. Our team can also handle your company’s social media or writing needs.

Travel photography – Destination photography is our specialty and we bring uniqueness and creativity to the process. Check out our travel stories for references. All photographs are our own.

Brand/Travel campaigns – With our community, we can help to amplify your brand’s visibility,
Talks & Workshops – We can assist you with travel planning for your organization, society, school, or college.

Travel planning – No matter if your travel is corporate, family, or solo, we will assist you in planning it.
Educational trips – We can share more detailed travel articles based on historical facts and figures.

Licensing of our Travel Content – Most of the photographs and videos used in travel stories are real and were taken by us. Should you wish to license any of our photographs, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Guest blogging – We are always on the lookout for great travel blogs and stories. Interested in sharing your unique travel experience with our readers? Please contact us.

Past Collaborations