Immerse yourself in an unparalleled experience at a remote corner of the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary. Here, amidst thick bamboo groves and lush canopies, you’ll discover a haven teeming with wildlife, from majestic elephants and elusive tigers to playful dholes and sloth bears. Nestled amidst thick bamboo groves and verdant canopies, the property is graced by a serene waterbody that serves as a magnet for wildlife. The surrounding avian paradise is adorned with endemic bird species, adding to the allure of this dreamlike location. Picture-perfect mornings shrouded in mist give way to enchanting nights filled with the symphony of frogs, cicadas, and nocturnal bird calls. Keep your eyes peeled for perfectly camouflaged flying lizards and marvel at their graceful movements as they flit from tree to tree. Observe the movements of their dewlaps (long yellow tongue) as they communicate with each other. Enjoy a cup of tea or coffee on the verandah, soaking in the serene embrace of nature, hesitant to depart from the tranquil ambiance surrounding you. Prepare to be captivated by the magic of this extraordinary retreat, leaving you yearning to return time and time again.

Day 1 (Friday, 1 March 2024)

  • Depart from Bangalore at 6 am
  • Breakfast in Srirangapatna
  • Arrival at the forest stay in Wayanad
  • Lunch: ~ 1 pm
  • Evening: guided forest walk & birding
  • Evening tea/snacks
  • Dinner: 8 pm

Day 2 (Saturday, 2 March 2024)

  • Early morning: guided forest walk & birding
  • Breakfast: 10 am
  • Lunch: 1 pm
  • Boat ride along the river in the late afternoon
  • Evening tea/snacks
  • Dinner: 8 pm

Day 3 (Sunday, 3 March 2024)

  • Birding in and around the property
  • Breakfast: 9 am
  • Checkout: 10 am
  • Lunch in Srirangapatna
  • Arrival in Bangalore ~ 5 pm
*Booking is non-refundable


  • 2-sharing A/C room in the jungle retreat
  • Rooms are cozy and have attached bathrooms
  • Separate rooms for men and women
  • Indoor games like Carrom, Chess, and UNO cards are available
  • Alcohol, drugs, smoking and non-veg food are STRICTLY not allowed.

Group Size: 3-5

The trip is suitable for all age groups and even for individuals who are not inclined to engage in much physical activity.


The food provided will be basic and simple Kerala-style South-Indian vegetarian dishes. This is a remote place inside the forest so, please do not expect exotic cuisine.

Transportation and Logistics

  • End-to-end transportation in my car
  • Trip starts and ends at Udupi Garden Signal, BTM Layout, Bangalore
  • Participants have an option to join from any of the following Metro Stations
    • Between Banashankari and Silk Institute on the Green line
    • Kengeri Metro Station on the Purple line
  • On our way, we will pass through Bandipur and Wayanad forests. It is possible to see wild animals on the journey. It is not permitted to disembark from the car during the forest journey.
  • We will ride in a 4×4 Jeep on the last 20-minute offroad stretch
  • The jeep will drop us off at a point, we will then walk about 5 minutes to the property
  • A local expert guide will accompany us on the forest walk

What’s included in the package

  • Accommodation for 2 nights and 3 days
  • Food (Breakfast, Lunch Evening tea/snacks and Dinner)
  • End-to-end transportation (Bangalore to Bangalore)
  • Guided forest walk & birding
  • Boat ride along the river
  • Forest-entry and car parking fees

What’s NOT included

  • Food/Beverages other than included in the package
  • Personal expenses

Basic Housekeeping

  • Your accommodation is thoughtfully arranged in a cozy jungle retreat inside the forest, not a conventional hotel or resort. Kindly show respect to your host and the amenities provided in the stay.
  • Keep in mind that this is a small village, so exhibit respect for the residents, their culture, and customs. People mostly speak Malayalam with manageable English. There are pets living at the property.
  • Although the hosts are friendly, they may not have professional hospitality training. Your support and acknowledgment of their efforts are highly appreciated.
  • Refrain from venturing outside of the property on your own. The property is in the middle of a dense forest which has a huge population of elephants.
  • When we leave the property, we will always be accompanied by an expert local guide. It is not allowed for you to wander off on your own during the forest walk. In the event that anyone violates the instructions, the walk will be immediately terminated.
  • When exploring the wilderness, always adhere to the instructions provided by local guides. Strictly follow the guidelines to ensure your safety and the safety of others.
  • Please do not feed, tease or intimidate wildlife. When in the forest, you MUST remain together and with the guide at all times.
  • Each forest walk involves 4-6 kilometers of walking over moderate terrain. However, this walk is optional, and you are welcome to skip it and just enjoy the forest from the verandah instead.
  • It is strictly enforced that you MUST remain inside the building between 6 pm and 7 am. Elephants wander around the property during this time.
  • Just a few hundred meters away from the property, you may have an opportunity to observe a herd of elephants, lone tusker, and other wild animals (Dhole, Deer, Sloth Bear, Mongoose, Flying Lizard, etc.). Enjoy watching them from the verandah or your room window.
  • You are responsible for your belongings including gadgets and cameras.
  • As you will have to carry your own luggage during the 5-minute walk to the property, please pack light.
  • Given the colder temperatures during early mornings and nights, pack light to moderate winter clothing for your comfort.
  • It is recommended to pack following:
    • Water bottle
    • Comfortable walking shoes (preferably trekking shoes)
    • Crew-length socks
    • Nose mask
    • A torch or headlamp
    • Insect repellent
    • High-energy snacks
    • Basic medicines
  • Wildlife sightings depend on various factors beyond our control and hence, can’t be guaranteed.
  • There could be changes in the forest walk and boat ride schedule mentioned in the itinerary as a result of external factors and weather conditions.
  • When you are inside the forest, mobile network coverage is limited or unavailable at times. For your convenience, the property has a BSNL Internet Wifi router.
  • I am a wildlife photographer and birder. I would be happy to share some tips and tricks with those who are interested.

Here is a list of the bird species observed in the forest.

Lesser whistling duckBlack headed ibisRed naped ibisCommon kingfisher
Nilgiri flowerpeckerLittle cormorantCommon snipeGrey jungle fowl
Red wattled lapwingIntermediate egretGray wagtailWhite breasted waterhen
Brown wood owlBrown shrikeRufous babblerWhite throated kingfisher
Oriental magpie robinRed whiskered bulbulRed vented bulbulMalabar gray hornbill
Spot bellied eagle owlHill mynaOrange minivetOriental honey buzzard
Oriental scops owlSpot bellied eagle owlBar winged flycatcher shrikeMalabar trogon
Verditer FlycatcherJerdon’s leafbirdBlack eagleIndian golden oriole
Black-naped oriolePale billed flowerpeckerRacket tailed drongoCrested serpent eagle
Indian white-eyeWhite-cheeked barbetCrimson-backed sunbirdIndian nightjar
Jerdon’s nightjarBrahminy starlingGreater flamebackBlack-rumped flameback
Asian brown flycatcherYellow footed green pigeonMalabar wood shrike

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