Now, we fly to ASMARA…

An offbeat destination with a unique mix of natural beauty and rich culture. Enjoy varied landscape from the Abyssinian highland to desertified beaches of the Red Sea. The Italian & Egyptian architecture of ‘the land of three seasons’ will surely wow you.


An Impromptu Day Trip from Bangalore to Mandaragiri

A stone’s throw away from Bangalore is a hidden gem with unimaginable beauty. The Mandaragiri Hills in South Karnataka has the most stunning views and tranquil ambience. A day trip to this Jain heritage center is the perfect getaway to refresh and unwind.


The Erstwhile Princely State of Bhavnagar

This quaint town greets you with rich tradition entwined in modern life. Intriguing temples and history captivate you. It is a prime trade center and home to the world’s largest ship breaking yard. Experience the subtle blend of commerce and culture.


The Pearl of Arabia

The oldest independent state in the Arab world, Oman makes for a perfect holiday destination. A splendid country with stunning beaches, landscapes, glorious mountains & endless sublime deserts, explore Middle-East’s best kept secret.


Little Known Treasures of Bhutan

Bhutan is a paradise for adventure seekers. Fascinating villages, magnificent vistas and ancient Dzongs are some of the treasures to be unraveled in this wilderness haven. Indulge and explore myriad hidden gems in this mystic land.