The Land of the Midnight Sun

Norway’s famous fjords, snowy mountains and exquisite monuments make it an exotic location. The heritage train journey through open countryside and the city are epic. With cable car rides, skiing and ‘russefeiring’, this place awakens the explorer in you.


Sihanoukville: The Hidden Oasis of Cambodia

The beach town of Sihanoukville in Cambodia is a backpacker’s paradise. A hidden gem in Sihanoukville, Otres Village is the perfect weekend getaway for a rejuvenating and unique multicultural experience.


How I Fell in Love with Vadodara, Again!

Vadodara welcomes you with centuries of history that have shaped the city. The city's ancient artisans can be seen in the intricate carvings on heritage buildings and temples. In the heart of the city, there are still pockets of peace and quiet.


Kokkarebellur: A Village Built Around Nests

Kokkarebellur is an example of peaceful coexistence between humans and birds. Karnataka's only community reserve is a nesting site for migratory pelicans and painted storks for 300 years. Villagers consider these majestic creatures part of their family.

Sri Lanka

UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Sri Lanka

‘The teardrop of India’ is immersed in ancient history, rich culture, and Buddhist temples galore. Sri Lanka makes for the perfect culture trip with its ruined cities and religious monuments. Enjoy this magical island and its myriad charms.


Exploring the Top of Europe - Jungfrau

Majestic Alps, ethereal lakes, stunning vistas and fairytale villages make for a picture perfect destination. This and much more is what travelers experience in the exotic country of Switzerland. Its natural beauty will take your breath away.

Hong Kong

Christmas Splendor in Hong Kong

There is something exceptional about Christmas in Kong Kong. Skyscrapers illuminated with festive lighting and spectacular displays around every corner create a magical ambience in this dynamic city. It is a truly mesmerizing experience!


An Alpine Vacation to Switzerland

The shining Alps decorated with lush greenery invites travelers to the great outdoors amidst its pristine beauty and fairytale villages. Switzerland showcases the spectacular work of mother nature with the highlight - Mount Titlis. A memorable holiday!

United States

An Unforgettable Family Trip to Hawaiian Paradise

The Hawaiian Islands teeming with diversity all round, is the perfect destination for family vacations. From azure beaches and rich flora & fauna to the rich heritage & culture of these colorful islands, there is so much these islands offer its visitors.


Tracing Portuguese Footprints in Daman

Immerse yourself in the rich heritage of Portuguese culture in Daman. With ancient forts and ornate churches, every corner reveals a glimpse of its colonial past. Take a stroll through cobbled streets and taste Indian and Portuguese cuisine.


Carved Legacies: The Sun Temple in Modhera

Set against the Aravali hills, the 1000-year-old Modhera Sun Temple is a massive temple architecture with strong connection to the solar system. The intricate carvings and stunning sculptures are filled with stories that add to the traveler’s delight!


Pattadakal: The Ceremonial Capital of the Chalukyas

UNESCO World Heritage Site Pattadakal blends architectural influences from north and south India. The open-air pavilion, known as a 'city of temples' during the Badami Chalukya dynasty, contains intricate carvings depicting scenes of Hindu mythology.