A Sanctuary of Faith and Heritage

Heard of "Lourdes of the East"? Yes, a tiny town in South India, Velankanni, dedicated to Mother Mary is known by this name. It attracts millions of tourists from across the globe. Indulge in exquisite architecture and spirituality of this sanctuary.


A Wildlife Extravaganza in BR Hills

One of the most beautiful wildlife destinations in Karnataka, BR Hills is less explored. It is a perfect weekend getaway in the lap of Mother Nature with wildlife encounters and an ambience of tranquility.

United States

A Weekend Well Spent in Alamo City

San Antonio is a warm, vibrant city rich in history with a colorful blend of Mexican and Texan cultures. Its relaxed atmosphere coupled with world-renowned attractions offers something for every traveler and makes for a perfect family trip.


The Coffee Cup of India

Emerald hills, rich wildlife, aromatic tea & coffee estates, ancient monasteries, this is ‘The Scotland of India’. Explore ‘small Tibet’ and the Golden Temple. Its unique culture, homestays, Kodava cuisine, vibrant people enhance the charm of this place.


The French Riviera of the East

A haven tucked away in the lap of beaches, serenity, and spiritual aura. Stroll around the French Quarter and absorb the colonial heritage and churches. Savor varied cuisine in this culturally diverse place. Explore offbeat spots around this exotic city.


A Bike Trip in the “Happy Land”

A road trip in ethereal Bhutan is a dream come true for a biker. Riding through this magnificent landscape with sublime mountains gliding down into lush valleys sculpted by meandering rivers is pure bliss. For a roadtripper, it's a ride of a lifetime!


Exploring the Great Wall of China

Who does not love a free visit to any city in the world? Here is how a super economical roundtrip to India also gave me the chance to visit one of my favorite places, the Great Wall in China, that too free.


Hidden Gems of Western Ghats

Forests older than the Himalayas, staggering biodiversity with endless tea gardens…Welcome to the lush-green Western Ghats. Indulge in extravagant beauty of nature, especially during the monsoon & explore hidden gems in the vicinity.


A Glimpse of Heaven (Part 1)

One of the finest hill stations in Tamil Nadu, Kodaikanal is nestled among the picturesque Western Ghats. The intoxicating aroma of Eucalyptus trees, green carpet and crisp air make this a haven for travelers, rightly called “The Gift of the Forests”.


How a Trip to Maasai Mara Changed my Life

Dream of Africa and Maasai Mara in Kenya will be the highlight & understandably so. The vast grasslands sprinkled with magnificent wildlife creating a sustainable ecosystem & culturally rich Maasai tribe make for a life-changing experience!


Hidden Gems of Eastern Bhutan

An offbeat traveler’s paradise, Eastern Bhutan has treasures that are unexplored and paths untraveled. It is the perfect destination for adventurous travelers seeking unique experiences. Venture where many have not gone before!

United States

The Family Summer Vacation in Denver

Commonly known as the “MIle-High City”, Denver, Colorado is a perfect blend of urban elegance and outdoor adventure. A well rounded, vibrant city, within the Rocky Mountains, Denver is an emerging family holiday destination. A city full of surprises!