The Most Isolated City in the World

A city of endless sunshine and pristine beaches, Perth is a rare, laidback destination. It is also famous for ocean adventures. Wildlife enthusiasts can explore unique biodiversity hotspots. Don’t miss the cute kangaroos and koalas!


An Escapade to Paradise (Part 1)

Sensational spectrum of blues and greens as far as the eyes can see, sandy white beaches, lush greenery...this is a paradise on earth. Seychelles is not an easy travel destination and definitely not cheap but a trip here is worth every penny.


Little Known Treasures of Bhutan

Bhutan is a paradise for adventure seekers. Fascinating villages, magnificent vistas and ancient Dzongs are some of the treasures to be unraveled in this wilderness haven. Indulge and explore myriad hidden gems in this mystic land.

United States

A Weekend Well Spent in Alamo City

San Antonio is a warm, vibrant city rich in history with a colorful blend of Mexican and Texan cultures. Its relaxed atmosphere coupled with world-renowned attractions offers something for every traveler and makes for a perfect family trip.


An Escapade to Paradise (Part 2)

Seychelles is an archipelago of 115 glittering islands splendidly isolated in mid-ocean. Paradisiacal beaches, stunning national parks, and adventure sports cater to all kinds of travelers. A perfect trip to soak up some sun, sea & adventure!


True Glimpse of Vijayanagara Empire – PART 1

The fascinating history & story of Hampi, Vijayanagara Empire allures you to this mesmerizing destination. From beautiful temples & ancient ruins to royal pavilions and market streets, this is a paradise. A perfect weekend getaway not far from Bangalore!

United States

The Weird and Wonderful Capital of Texas

Austin is a city with vibrant culture, rich history and stunning outdoor experiences. Here everything is bigger and weird is normal. Indulge your senses in a unique experience of this city which is known by the motto “Keep Austin Weird”.


A Bike Trip in the “Happy Land”

A road trip in ethereal Bhutan is a dream come true for a biker. Riding through this magnificent landscape with sublime mountains gliding down into lush valleys sculpted by meandering rivers is pure bliss. For a roadtripper, it's a ride of a lifetime!


Leh: The Place from my Dreams

The magical Leh Ladakh has something to offer everyone. Outdoor enthusiasts will love trekking and history buffs can explore ancient monasteries. The scenery will take your breath away, and the local hospitality will make you feel right at home.


The Coffee Cup of India

Emerald hills, rich wildlife, aromatic tea & coffee estates, ancient monasteries, this is ‘The Scotland of India’. Explore ‘small Tibet’ and the Golden Temple. Its unique culture, homestays, Kodava cuisine, vibrant people enhance the charm of this place.

United States

The Big Easy - A City of Indulgence

New Orleans, a sensory experience on all levels, has captivating stories lurking around every corner. World-famous music, Creole cuisine, exquisite French architecture...there’s so much this amazing city has to offer. The Big Easy is a unique experience.

United Arab Emirates

Hidden Gems of Abu Dhabi

A peaceful city with a distinct Arabian ambience and all the glamor and grandeur of royalty, that is Abu Dhabi. The capital city is emerging as a popular travel destination that offers unique luxurious experiences. A MUST explore destination!