The Most Powerful Passport in the World

Neither USA nor UK is in top 10 ranking. Surprised?

There are some official passport ranking systems and they announce their findings every year. The most popular among them is Henley Passport Index. The Global Ranking of 2020 awards Japan the 1st rank due to of visa-free access to 191 countries. The term ‘Visa-free access’ is a bit ambiguous. They classify it as the number of destinations (countries) the passport holder can travel to without a prior visa. This could be visa-free or visa on arrival.

Following Japan is Singapore at the 2nd position with access to 190 countries. South Korea and Germany are at 3rd position with access to 189 countries and Italy/Finland at 4th position with access to 188 countries. You can also download the entire list.

Singapore enjoyed #1 position for quite some time until 2018. In 2019, there was a tie between Japan and Singapore with each having access to 190 countries. Japan overtook Singapore in the 2020 ranking, holding the #1 position. The passport ranking for the UK is 20 whereas the US is 21. Iraq and Afghanistan are at the bottom of the 2020 table respectively.

Henley & Partners describes Japan and Singapore as countries that have “long taken a proactive foreign policy approach, and have worked to establish mutually beneficial diplomatic relationships with a wide range of countries around the world.”

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Besides Henley& Partners, there are other agencies also that provide passport ranking. One of them is Arton Passport Index. They provide passport mobility score. As per their ranking, UAE is at the top of the table with a mobility score of 178. Japan is at 4th position with a score of 169 along with 7 other countries, followed by Singapore at 5th position with a score of 168 and tied with 9 other countries. You can view the entire raking here.

CEO World also provides Global Passport Ranking that matches with Henley Passport Index. You can view CEO World ranking here.

There might be few more agencies providing this ranking besides the ones mentioned here.

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