Things to do in Coorg in December: A Perfect Weekend Getaway

Coorg, also known as Kodagu, is a hill district in Karnataka. It’s home to lush forests, coffee plantations and misty hills that provide a beautiful backdrop for this quaint little region. People often visit Madikeri to enjoy the weather and partake in some of the things to do in Coorg in December like:

  • Trekking through the undulating hills
  • Sipping local coffee and exploring the plantations that produce it
  • Visiting the wildlife sanctuaries in Coorg

If you’re planning a visit to Madikeri in Coorg, make sure to check out these things to do:

(1) Visit Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary

One of the things to do in Coorg is to visit Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary. It is home to tigers and elephants and leopards. You can also spot animals like Malabar giant squirrel, lion-tailed macaques, wild boars and barking deer. The best time to visit is during the winter months as it gets too hot in summer.

(2) Explore Mercara Fort

The first thing I’d do in Coorg is to visit the ancient town of Mercara Fort. Despite being a historical site, it’s not very crowded and you’ll have plenty of time to soak in the beauty. Winter is the perfect time to visit.

Madikeri Fort (Mercara Fort)

(3) Trek through Abbey Falls

Another thing to do in Coorg is trekking through the misty hills. There are many things to do in Coorg like trekking, which is an excellent way to escape the heat. Abbey Falls is located just 5 kms from Madikeri and you’ll have great views of Coorg as you walk through the hills. This trek is one of the hidden gems of Coorg.

(4) Visit Talakaveri Wildlife Sanctuary

If wildlife is what interests you most about things to do in Coorg, visit Talakaveri Wildlife Sanctuary. It’s a bird watcher’s paradise and you may even spot wildlife like elephants and leopards.

(5) Indulge in Coorg Cuisine

One of the things to do in Coorg is to try out their food!  The town is known for its spicy pork curries and you’ll want to eat them hot with freshly steamed rice. Veg food lovers don’t need to be disappointed as there are enough varieties for them. Check out some of the must-try veg food dishes of Coorg. The spices and flavors will leave you wanting for more and I’m sure the next time you visit Coorg, you’ll come back just to eat.

Exotic varieties of Kodagu cuisine

(6) Attend Coorg Carnival

Coorg carnival and local traditions are something one should not miss if you happen to be there at the right time. They celebrate it in Madikeri between October and December. It is an amazing display of local talents and age-old traditions.

(7) Go Coorg Coffee Tasting

If you’re a coffee-lover, things to do in Coorg include learning about their famous coffee plantations. A Coffee Plantation Tour in Coorg allows you to witness the entire process of producing coffee, from seed to powder. During the tour, you will stroll through these sprawling coffee estates, while learning about other popular plantations, including black pepper, cardamom, fruits, etc. One of the things to do is go on guided tours where they let you taste different coffee produced in Coorg.

(8) Shop at the Coorg Market

The Coorg Markets are a delight for shopaholics. You can go there to buy things like ethnic wear, handicrafts, pottery items, coffee powder and spices from local vendors. It’s one of those things to do in Coorg where you can browse around and pick up a few souvenirs. The market at Kushalnagar is one of the best.

(9) Nisargadhama

Another place to visit in Coorg is Nisargadhama. It’s a beautiful island on the banks of River Kaveri and tourists can enjoy boating, trekking and walking around under shady trees.

Lush green bamboo forest in Nisargadhama

(10) Travel around Coorg on Bike

One of the things to do in Coorg while on holiday is riding through its misty hills. You can go biking or trekking to make it more fun. There are many things to do in Coorg like cycling where you’ll get some breathtaking views of the area and also see things like natural waterfalls, deep valleys, etc.

Enjoy your holiday in Coorg

Hopefully, this list will help you make a well-informed decision about what to do in Coorg. Whether it’s a short solo holiday or some quality time with family and friends, you’ll enjoy every minute and won’t regret your decision of visiting the coffee cup of India.

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